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Why do you want your GED? I’m going to go out on a limb and say that if you don’t have your GED already and you are reading this… then you’re probably ready to get your GED! There are so many reasons why you may want to get your GED. Here’s a list of why […]

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Let’s get something clear right off the bat. Having your GED is NOT a bad thing. Trying to achieve your GED is NOT a bad thing. Please don’t ever let someone make you feel bad about having a GED. Neither Jay-Z or Beyonce have a GED… just saying. Getting a H.S. diploma is easy. But […]

Thank you for your interest in our GED program! We look forward to seeing you at the information session. Please check out our video about some of our previous graduates. If you need help parking here is a MAP of all the available parking around Summit Academy. </ifratly.

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Summit Academy has surpassed the 100 GED mark as part of their “1,000 GED Campaign,” which aims to provide 1,000 low-income Minnesotans with education and job training.

A high school diploma is often a requisite for a decent job, let alone one that can provide a middle-class lifestyle. And yet the Twin Cities is currently home to an estimated 100,000 adults who don’t have a high school diploma or a GED.

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There are so many nonprofits to choose from when it comes to deciding where to donate. Here are just a few reasons why your donation to Summit will make a big impact:   All training and services are NO COST TO STUDENTS! Grants and donations like yours cover the cost of tuition, textbooks, and affordable […]

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As I was scrolling down my Facebook feed recently, I came across this article and the title was alarming; “I have a Bachelor’s degree and I still work 4 jobs to make ends meet”. Wait, this can’t be right… A bachelor’s degree means you are successful, you made it, and you are guaranteed a high […]

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‘This literally saved my life’ Gonkama Johnson, above, graduated in December from a free intensive technical training program offered by                                                                        […]


Tuition to Change Your Future You will have NO OUT-OF-POCKET expenses to cover tuition and no extra fees to pay. Our financial aid office is committed to administering gift aid to ensure that your tuition is covered at NO OUT-OF-POCKET expense to you. As an institution, we do not participate in Federal and State Student Loan programs, so there […]