Mission, Vision & Values


We exist to assist individuals in developing their ability to earn and to become contributing citizens in their community.

Our fundamental belief is: the best social service program in the world is a job.



Summit Academy OIC will be recognized as a regional leader in the development of workforce development educational services, initiatives and policy innovation.



Potentiality & Accessibility

Everyone deserves the opportunity to develop his or her highest potential.  Our organization will be open to all, regardless of economic status, background or level of ability.

Individual Impact

We recognize that the greatest impact we can have is on the individual.  Our effectiveness and influence in the community will be through our impact on each individual’s ability to positively engage in his or her family and community relationships as parents, workers and citizens.


Self-sufficiency is the key life skill that enables individuals to be positive, contributing members of their families and communities.  It is the foundation of all our training and development efforts.

Leadership & Civic Responsibility

Citizenship training and community building are integral to our educational model.  We are producing productive citizens who accept their responsibility and accountability within the community.

Holistic Approach

We support the development of the whole person, with a focus not simply on economic skills, but on the human spirit and life skills as well.  To be effective, we must acknowledge and display a willingness to assist students with the many life issues and challenges that might be impeding the development of their full potential.


The actions and behaviors of students, staff and the board will demonstrate the ways in which people of diverse economic, social, cultural and racial backgrounds can interact in a manner that is respectful, harmonious, productive and beneficial for all.

Intergenerational Interaction

We believe that intergenerational interaction is a key to life skills learning and developing the shared values of community.  We are committed to fostering such interaction through all the activities of the organization.

Commitment to High Standards of Excellence and Integrity

We expect all students, staff and board members to always act within the highest standards of excellence and integrity.

Results Focus

Our effectiveness and success will be measured by what we accomplish and the results we achieve.