How to Enroll - Summit Academy OIC

How to Enroll

What does it take to be a Summit student?

Summit Academy OIC is actively looking for candidates who need and want training and a career in the fields of Construction, Healthcare and Information Technology.

What Are The Benefits of Summit’s Programs?

You may have little experience in any of these industries or you may have lots of experience but are looking for the professional training and network to move you ahead in your career. We have students in both those categories and everywhere in between each time classes start.

20 Week Program

Summit’s training programs are designed to train you with the skills needed to begin a career in only 20 weeks. We want to help you get to work as quickly as possible and start earning a livable wage. You will have all the skills you need to begin your career upon completing the program.

No Tuition Payments

You will not need to make any tuition payments or take out any student loans. We work to ensure your tuition is paid for entirely by grants, scholarships and contracts and does not require any payment plan or loans. Your paychecks should go into your bank account and not toward a student loan.

Career Placement

We will advocate for you and work with you to help place you in a career with a livable wage. Our Career Services department partners with you from the beginning of the program and you have access to their services for life as a Summit graduate.

We are asking for your time commitment, though. If you decide to attend Summit Academy OIC, we want you to benefit from the program just as hundreds of others have. This program takes the commitment to see it through until the end. Then you will join the ranks of hundreds of other Summit graduates who are building and healing and growing their communities into better places.

Steps to Enroll


Attend an Info session


Turn in your application AT the Info Session


Take the Accuplacer Assessment Exam


Complete your FAFSA & Meet with Financial aid advisor


Attend New Student Orientation!


You will not pay for you tuition out of your own pocket

No loans required to attend summit

Financial Aid is paid for entirely by

Federal & state grants (via FAFSA)

By private donors, foundations and contracts

FAFSA IS required no matter your status is with fafsa