Jay, Author at Summit Academy OIC
trade school vs college

As I was scrolling down my Facebook feed recently, as many of us do in our everyday lives, I came across this article and the title was alarming; “I Have a Bachelor’s Degree and I Still Work 4 Jobs to Make Ends Meet”. Wait, this can’t be right…A bachelors means you are successful, you made […]

Trade School vs College

THE STORY/MYTH The story has been drilled into students’ heads for ages—whether from parents, teachers, or grandparents—that traditional college is an absolute must. Many students go to a four-year school because they believe it’s the normal thing to do. According to research by Degree Query, 30 percent of students worldwide only go to a four-year […]

Gonkama Johnson

‘This literally saved my life’ Gonkama Johnson, above, graduated in December from a free intensive technical training program offered by                                                                        […]

5 Tips for Job Hunting in 2019

Here at Summit Academy, we don’t just train you for a new career. We train you to succeed. With the holidays now over, a growing number of companies will no doubt begin focusing their efforts on hiring. Especially construction here in the twin cities. And that’s good news if you’re looking to get yourself a […]

The Basics The overall culture of your college may play as big a role in your future success as your degree. Figuring out what’s important to you will help you narrow the field when choosing a college; and you may discover some options that hadn’t even been on your radar! Starting your search with the […]