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Medical Admin Assistant (MAA) Training

Give us 20 weeks and we’ll help you change your life. As one of the premier healthcare vocational schools in Minneapolis. Our curriculum has already helped hundreds of graduates launch rewarding careers in construction and healthcare at some of the most innovative companies in Minnesota.

Our immersive medical administrative assistant (MAA) program plugs you directly into the most relevant MAA techniques and practices. The school rewires your mind to take on the exciting challenges of a career in healthcare. This hands-on-training course is designed to teach students Microsoft Office, medical billing and coding, HIPAA and other industry practices.The relationships formed with your fellow students, industry mentors, and guest speakers provide you an invaluable network of passionate, diverse healthcare allies to call upon throughout your career. Explore this page to learn more about our MAA program or check out the important dates for our next cohorts below.

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What does a MAA do?

Medical Administrative Assistants are responsible for a wide range of tasks to ensure the office they are managing functions smoothly. MAA also known as medical secretaries. They can perform administrative functions for a hospital or clinic through their knowledge of medical terminology and applications. They can work in a variety of roles and locations with job titles ranging from health unit coordinator or medical office assistant to patient coordinator or admissions coordinator.

The course is 20 weeks that consists of two phases

Tuiton is 100% covered

Programs starts every 10 weeks.

Work study options available

Class schedule is Mon-Fri 8:30 am -2:50 pm.

MAA Essential Duties

  • Interviewing patients for case histories in advance of appointments
  • Compiling medical records and charts
  • Processing insurance payments
  • Operating computer software and office equipment
  • Customer service
  • Maintaining supplies and appearance for the office

What You Will Learn

  • Professional communication in the workplace
  • Medical terminology
  • Microsoft Office
  • Basic computer skills
  • Health education
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Health Legal Issues
  • Medical billing & coding
  • Medical office procedure
  • Communication skills
  • Introduction to insurance
  • Problem solving


Our school is actively looking for candidates who want a new career in the fields of construction, healthcare and information technology. You will not need to make any tuition payments or take out any student loans. We work to ensure your tuition is paid for entirely by grants, scholarships, and contracts. Again, it does not require any payment plan or loans

Enrollment Steps

  1. Attend an Info Session
  2. Turn in Application at the Info Session
  3. Take the Assessment Exam
  4. Complete your FAFSA & Meet with financial aid advisor
  5. Attend New Student Orientation!

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Why should you enroll at Summit?

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For more information on admission requirements, campus visits, and opportunities visit our Admissions page. You can see all the necessary steps you need to enroll here.

Program Curriculum & Schedule

Weeks 1-10


Weeks 1-10  is a chance for you to start learning the basic knowledge of healthcare administration. This starts with Microsoft Office. Then moves on to the ins-and-outs of medical terminology like HIPAA, legal principles and professional communication. We’ll discuss everyday medical office examples to understand how all these components impact the office day.

While you’re getting a high level view of the processes and complexities of being a MAA you’ll also get a chance to learn about some of the building blocks of the industry


  • Understanding of Microsoft Office 1
  • Gain familiarity with business english & technical writing
  • Gain confidence with medical terminology 1

Topics covered:

  • Body systems 1
  • Legal principals for medical office
  • Ethcal principals for medical office

Weeks 11-20


Weeks 11-20 is where we build on the foundation you learned in Phase 1. You’ve got the skills now we put them to the test. This part of the program is designed to challenge students with a higher degree of difficulty in the healthcare industry. You’ll start to learn about medical procedures, insurance, plus medical billing and coding. You’ll gain practical experience with the entire medical office process, from problem-solving to evaluating, refinement, and execution.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the healthcare industry and begin to see the challenges you are likely to encounter when working in a medical office.


  • Gain familiarity with medical terminology & body systems 2
  • Gain confidence in professional workplace communication

Topics covered:

  • Body systems 2
  • Medical billing & coding
  • Career Development
  • Medical office procedures & management

Career Support

We connects students with employers searching for fresh talent, but we don’t send you in unprepared. We’ll work with you to build a resume and a portfolio of work that you can show off with pride. You’ll receive coaching on interviewing strategies from your instructors as well as actionable feedback from industry recruiters and local hiring managers who spend time with you on mock interview days. Our career services team are always connecting job seekers and alumni with fresh opportunities.

 Career Success Coaches

Success may sometimes depends more on who you know than what you know. Through our career coach program we introduce you to smart, supportive professionals from the Twin Cities community. During your time at Summit you wll meet with  working professionals (including Summit alum who understands exactly the rigors and rewards of your education).

Gainful Employment Disclosures

The culmination of all this preparation are the career fairs, a remarkable opportunity to interview with multiple employers excited and eager to speak with you. Our huge network of employers means there are always companies ready to talk to you about open positions. Not every student lands their first breakthrough connections from a career fair, but every graduate benefits by shaking off their entry-level interviewing butterflies and gaining confidence in speaking about themselves and their portfolios.

Tuition To Change Your Future

You will have NO OUT-OF-POCKET expenses to cover tuition and no extra fees to pay. Our financial aid office is committed to administering gift aid to ensure that your tuition is covered at NO-OUT-OF-POCKET expense to you. As an institution, we do not participate in the Federal and State Student Loan programs, so there are NO LOANS TO PAY BACK.


$0 To The Student



Our Employer Network

Summit Acadmey is about preparing people for careers and we’re working hand-in-hand with industry employers to produce excellent outcomes for our students. Below are just a few of the companies that contribute to student success by providing curriculum feedback, offering apprenticeships, mentoring students and hiring graduates.


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