Residential Carpentry

Residential Carpentry (previously called the Residential Rehabilitation Technician) training program focuses on residential construction while also providing students with general construction industry skills.

Hands-on training is administered by journey-level carpentry instructors and conducted off campus at existing homes located in Hennepin County, where students perform the work necessary to rehabilitate the property to be ready for occupancy.

Skills gained in Phase II (weeks 11-20) can Include:

  • Job site prep and safe operation
  • Concrete formwork and placing
  • Wall/floor repair and construction
  • Window/door repair and installation
  • Exterior siding and trim
  • Sheetrock, paint and finish applications
  • Interior cabinetry and trim


Course Details:

Course Length: 20 Weeks
Requirement: Must be a Hennepin County resident to participate in the Residential Carpentry program