Women Wear Hard Hats Too

As the construction industry rebounds and major public projects such as the Light Rail Corridors and the new Vikings Stadium forge full speed ahead, the opportunities for women in the industry have never been greater.

Rewards of a construction career
Tradeswomen work hard and there are many rewards.They see their success in the form of a building, a hospital or a stadium that they helped build. Many tradespeople find great satisfaction in their work.

Great salary, Unions, & Benefits
Construction apprentices start at over $32,000 a year. Union membership offers great benefits, including health insurance, a pension plan and the opportunity for training and advancement.

Independence & Security
This is more than preparing for a job; this is Training for Life. Our program helps women gain economic independence for themselves and their families, creating tighter communities with strong female role models.

Women Wear Hard Hats Too (WWHH2), the largest female-focused training program in Minnesota, was developed to increase the participation of women in the construction trades. WWHH2 was designed for the unique needs of tradeswomen, including an industry network and advisory council as well as a tradeswomen mentorship program.

Female-Focused Training
Weekly training and group discussions on female-focused topics ensures students are prepared for success in the classroom and on the job. Examples of training topics include How to Work in a Male-dominated Work Environment and Tricks of the Trade, a 3-part series that introduces students to job site culture and expectations.

Network of Tradeswomen
Experienced tradeswomen and other industry professionals regularly volunteer with and mentor the WWHH2 students. These industry experts offer students a first-hand account of job site expectations and challenges.

Job Site Field Trips
We like to paint a realistic picture for our construction students. Through Summit’s industry partnerships, students gain real life exposure on field trips to active job sites and union apprenticeship training facilities.

Job Placement Support
Graduates have access to Summit’s extensive network of over 100 general and sub-contractor employers, as well as key unions.

Summit Academy President and CEO Louis King said, “As for our Women Wear Hard Hats Too program, we found it was especially important to communicate to women that they can succeed in the construction field. In fact, the demand for women in construction is so high that Summit can’t train female students fast enough for the industry.”

Be a part of the change. Join our other successful women in the construction field.