Why Summit?

No Loans & No Cost to You
Attend Summit Academy at no cost and graduate with no additional loans to pay back.
Graduate in Only 20 Weeks
In only 20 weeks, Summit Academy’s training programs will provide you with industry-recognized skills that will prepare you for a well-paying career. Here’s what we offer:

Pre-Apprentice Construction/Carpentry (PAC)
Concrete Form Carpenter*
Residential Carpentry

Community Health Worker (CHW)*
Medical Administrative Assistant*

*programs offered periodically

We Help You Find a Job
Summit Academy’s Career Services team is committed to assisting you with finding a job by:
• Supporting you in building personal and professional development skills
• Coaching you in job readiness skills, including resume writing and mock interviews
• Referring you to our employer partners who understand, respect and hire our graduates
Full-Time Student Advisors
Committed to your needs and success.
Tutoring & Test Preparation
Experienced Instructors
Gives you hands-on skills and personal attention.
Free St.Paul shuttle and discounted bus cards.
You'll Be In-Demand
Healthcare and construction industries are growing steadily.
Gain Fully-Certified Skills Quickly
Start a new career in 20 weeks.
Training for Life
“Soft skills” to enhance your personal growth and development.
Brown Bags
Informal lunch series on unique training topics and industry insights.
Graduate with a Great Salary...Plus Benefits
  • Summit Academy construction students earn an average starting wage of $15.89 per hour in their field.
  • Healthcare graduates can earn $26,000+
Need Your GED
Get it now and get a better job.

Summit Academy will Change Your Life.